1959 Steve Roose

‘The photo was taken in 1959 in Rhyl, possibly at the Comrades Club in Sussex Street (now Wetherspoons). Steve Roose is the player on the right, on the left is professional, Jack Rae. Mr. Rae was 25 times Irish Professional Champion and a favourite on the BBC TV’s ‘Pot Black’ and Steve Roose beat him!’

Steve Roose was born in Hope Place, Rhyl, in 1914 and died in 1972 at the age of 56. An obituary noted: ‘Steve had been a member of the Rhyl & District Snooker League for over 24 years, having served on the Executive Committee. In his heyday he was one of the finest exponents of the cue and his league record was second to none. He won all the major honours . . . His passing sees the end of an era.’