Colin Ousey Memorial Shield

All matches 7:30 start or other by mutual agreement.
If left until last night and opponent is not present by 8:00 pm then player can claim the match.
H alongside players name denotes Home player.
If matches are not completed by deadline BOTH players will be eliminated.
Please forward all results to the league as soon as possible.

Colin Ousey Memorial Shield 2018
    Best of 5 frames     Best of 5 frames     Best of 5 frames     Best of 5 frames      
    By 10th May     By 17th May     By 24th May     By 29th May      
  H Ian Townson 3                        
    Match 1                        
    Steve Newbury 1   Ian Townson 3                  
        QF 1                  
  H Chris Harding    H Nick Sykes 0     Semi-Final            
    Match 2                        
    Nick Sykes          H Ian Townson            
                SF 1            
  H J D Jones 3           Wayne Banks            
    Match 3                        
    Craig Holmes 1   J D Jones 0                  
          QF 2           Final      
  H Wayne Banks 3    H Wayne Banks 3                  
    Match 4                 Winner SF 1      
    Gareth Jilge 0                     Winner  
                      Winner SF 2      
  Mike Heywood 2                        
    Match 5                        
  Andy Wood 3   Andy Wood 3                  
          QF 3                  
   H Aaron Lloyd 0   Terry Boardman 0                  
    Match 6                        
  Terry Boardman 3           Andy Wood            
                SF 2            
  H Leon Evans 3          H R D Davies            
    Match 7                        
    Russ Davies 0   Leon Evans 1                  
          QF 4                  
  H R D Davies 3    H R D Davies 3                  
    Match 8                        
    Brian Lilley 0