Senior Individual

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Kevin Southern

Senior Individual Winner

Runner Up
Craig Holmes


Final of the Senior Individual
Tuesday 2nd May 7:30 start

Kevin Southern, Pendyffryn B v Craig Holmes, Cues A
to be played at the
Kinmel Bay Club

Match to be best of 5 Frames


Results for the Semi Finals:

Kevin Southern, Pendyffryn B 3 v 0 Terry Boardman, Prestatyn Cons B
to be played at the Pendyffryn Club

J D Jones, Prestatyn Cons B 1 v 3 Craig Holmes, Cues A
to be played at Kinmel Bay Club


Results for the Quarter Finals:
1. Kevin Southern, Pendyffryn B 2 v 0 Russ Davies, Pendyffryn A
2. Terry Boardman, Prestatyn Cons BBob Mantle, Cues B
3. Simon Holmes, Cues AJ D Jones, Prestatyn Cons B
4. Paul Cruse, Prestatyn Cons BCraig Holmes, Cues A


Results for second round:

  1. Craig Holmes, Cues A 2 v 0 R D Davies, Prestatyn Cons B
  2.  Terry Boardman, Prestatyn Cons B w/o v Bob West, Cues C
    3.  Russ Davies, Pendyffryn A 2 v 0 Alan Hopper, Breaks
    4.  Dave Moxy, Cues C  0 v 2 J D Jones, Prestatyn Cons B
    5.  Dale Riddings, Cues C 1 v 2 Paul Cruse, Prestatyn Cons B
    6.  Simon Holmes, Cues A 2 v 0 Graham Mattison, Cues A
    7.  Kevin Southern, Pendyffryn B 2 v 1 John Rakestraw, Abergele Golf A
    8.  Bob Mantle, Cues BJohn Brookes, Abergele Golf A
    Results for the First Round are as follows:

1. Ken Faircliffe, Prestatyn Cons B v w/o Kevin Southern, Pendyffryn B
2. Alan Hopper, Breaks w/o v Peter Holleren, Cues B
3. Colin Banks, Cues C 1  v 2 Dale Riddings, Cues C
4. Paul Cruse, Prestatyn Cons B 2 v 0 Kevin Williams, Abergele Golf A
5. Mike Grindrod, Cues B 0 v 2 Craig Holmes, Cues A
6.  Mike Snelson, Abergele Golf A 1 v 2 Simon Holmes, Cues A
7. Dave Moxy, Cues C v Albi Alves, Abergele Golf
The following players have byes to the next round.
8. Graham Mattison, Cues A
9. John Rakestraw, Abergele Golf A
10. John Brookes, Abergele Golf A
11. R D Davies, Prestatyn Cons B
12. J D Jones, Prestatyn Cons B
13. Terry Boardman, Prestatyn Cons B
14. Russ Davies, Pendyffryn A
15. Bob West, Cues C
16. Bob Mantle, Cues B

Closing date for entries extended to Tuesday 25th October 2016
Entries for the 2016/2017 season so far are as follows:

  1. Simon Holmes, Cues A 2. Craig Holmes, Cues A 3. Graham Mattison, Cues A
    4. John Rakestraw, Abergele Golf A 5. John Brookes, Abergele Golf A 6. Albi Alves, Abergele Golf A 7. Kevin Williams, Abergele Golf A 8. Mike Snelson, Abergele Golf A 9. R D Davies, Prestatyn Cons B 10. Ken Faircliffe, Prestatyn Cons B 11. J D Jones, Prestatyn Cons B 12. Paul Cruse, Prestatyn Cons B 13. Terry Boardman, Prestatyn Cons B 14. Mike Grindrod, Cues B 15. Dave Moxy, Cues C 16. Russ Davies, Pendyffryn A 17. Kevin Southern, Pendyffryn B 18. Alan Hopper, Breaks 19.Colin Banks, Cues C 20. Dale Riddings, Cues C 21. Bob West, Cues C 22. Peter Holleren, Cues B 23. Bob Mantle, Cues B