Senior Individual

Senior Individual in memory


Arthur James Butler ‘Jimmy’

sponsored by Prestatyn Con Club

Draw for the Quarter Finals of the Senior Individual are as follows:

Matches to be played on or before February 22nd 2018, 7:30 pm start
If left until last night and opponent is not present by 8:00 pm then player can claim the match.

1 J D Jones v Ken Faircliffe
2 Graham Mattison – Abergele Golf v Gwynfor Lloyd – Cues
3 Kevin Southern – Pendyffryn v Paul Cruse – Prestatyn Cons
4 R D Davies – Prestatyn Cons v Simon Holmes – Cues


First Round results January 11th 2018
Simon Holmes, Cues A v Colin Banks, Cues C
Dale Riddings, Cues C v Graham Mattison, Abergele Golf A
John Brookes Abergele Golf v Paul Cruse Prestatyn Cons B
Terry Boardman, Prestatyn Cons B v R D Davies, Prestatyn Cons B
5 Ken Faircliffe, Prestatyn Cons B v Dave Moxy, Crofts A
6 J D Jones Prestatyn Cons B v Steve Roberts Prestatyn Cons A
7 Kevin Southern Pendyffryn B v Rickey Westwell, Pendyffryn B
8 Gwynfor Lloyd, Cues C v Craig Holmes, Cues A

Results for the Preliminary Round of the Senior Individual are as follows:
John Brookes Abergele Golf 2 v 1 Kevin Williams Abergele Golf
John Rakestraw Abergele Golf v Kevin Southern Pendyffryn B
3 J D Jones Prestatyn Cons B v Mike Norwood Abergele Golf
4 Frank Jones Cues C v Paul Cruse Prestatyn Cons B
5 Steve Roberts Prestatyn Cons A v Mike Grindrod Cues B

The remaining players have byes into the next round:
R D Davies, Prestatyn Cons B
Terry Boardman, Prestatyn Cons B
Ken Faircliffe, Prestatyn Cons B
Graham Mattison, Abergele Golf A
10 Gwynfor Lloyd, Cues C
11 Colin Banks, Cues C
12 Dale Riddings, Cues C
13 Simon Holmes, Cues A
14 Craig Holmes, Cues A
15 Rickey Westwell, Pendyffryn B
16 Dave Moxy, Crofts A

Entries for 2017/2018 Season. Entry Fee £4 per person

1 R D Davies Prestatyn Cons B
2 J D Jones Prestatyn Cons B
3 Terry Boardman Prestatyn Cons B
4 Ken Faircliffe Prestatyn Cons B
5 Paul Cruse Prestatyn Cons B
6 John Rakestraw Abergele Golf A
7 Graham Mattison Abergele Golf A
8 John Brookes Abergele Golf A
9 Kevin Williams Abergele Golf A
10 Mike Norwood Abergele Golf A
11 Gwynfor Lloyd Cues C
12 Colin Banks Cues C
13 Dale Riddings Cues C
14 Frank Jones Cues C
15 Simon Holmes Cues A
16 Craig Holmes Cues A
17 Rickey Westwell Pendyffryn B
18 Kevin Southern Pendyffryn B
19 Mike Grindrod Cues B
20 Steve Roberts Cons A
21 Dave Moxy Crofts