Team Knock Out

 Team Knock Out




Team Knock Out Winners


Final of the Team KO to be played
Tuesday 25th April 2017

Kinmel Bay A v Breaks
Cues, Towyn

Match to start at 7.45pm with the three frames of Pairs and are to be played on the same table, 15 minutes grace being allowed to start the first game.
Players are to be matched by the drawing of their names out of a hat and frames to be played in the draw order.
A toss of a coin will decide which team breaks off in the first frame and then alternative breaks.
Should a frame end in a draw, the black will not be re-spotted unless the aggregate score is tied on the final frame. The final four players to play.
Handicaps: Add both players handicaps together subtract from opponents and divide by two. Round up to nearest whole number.


Semi Final Results
Kinmel Bay A v Prestatyn Cons B
Breaks v Abergele Golf A

Results for the quarter finals:
1. Kinmel Bay B v Prestatyn Cons B
2. Kinmel Bay A v 
Prestatyn Cons A
Cues C v Abergele Golf A
Abergele Golf B v Breaks

Results for the First Round

  1. Crofts v Prestatyn Cons A
    2. Abergele Golf A v The Pot
    3. Pendyffryn A v Breaks
    (To be played at Breaks unless Pendyffryn Club allow female entry for this match)
    4. Cues C v Pendyffryn B
    5. Prestatyn Cons B v Cues A
    6. Abergele Golf B v Cues B
    7. Kinmel Bay A Bye
    8. Kinmel Bay B Bye