Sponsorship of this competition would be most welcome,
would any interested parties please contact the league, thank you.

Entry Fee £4 per person

If played on the final night 7:30 pm start, unless otherwise agreed 15 minutes grace allowed. If opponents do not show by 8:00 pm then the match can be claimed.
Please make every attempt to contact your opponents.
Handicaps: Add both players handicaps together subtract from opponents and divide by two. Round up to nearest whole number.


1 R D Davies – J D Jones Prestatyn Cons
2 Terry Boardman – Ken Faircliffe Prestatyn Cons
3 Chris Jones – James Barlow Prestatyn Cons
4 Gavin Dyke – Ian Townson Pendyffryn
5 Nick Sykes – Chris Evans Pendyffryn
6 Kevin Southern – Mike Watts Pendyffryn
7 Aaron Lloyd – Rickey Westwell Pendyffryn
8 Colin Banks – Wayne Banks Cues
9 Sean Rowlands -Jason Barlow Cues
10 Frank Jones – Ben Roberts Cues
11 Simon Holmes – Craig Holmes Cues
12 Gareth Townsend – Jarrod Harris Cues
13 Spencer Holmes – Harrison Holmes Cues
14 Andy Wood – Russ Jones Cues
15 Danny Downing – Mike Heywood The Pot
16 Gethin and Thomas Sandland Cues
17 Makauley Grindrod – Mike Grindrod Cues
18 Dale Riddings – Pete Gizzi Cues
19 Brian Newbury – Steve Newbury Kinmel Bay
20 Suhail Ahmed – Jubear Ali Prestatyn Cons